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Seth Meyers Unloads on Trump for Mocking Mitt Romneys Coronavirus Quarantine

It seemed pretty weird when Seth Meyers delivered his most recent A Closer Look segment without a studio audience. Eleven days later, it got even weirder as Meyers brought his latest take on the novel coronavirus pandemic to viewers from an empty hallway in his house.

It may be weird to do this from a hallway, the Late Night host said. But at least Im not doing it from a public beach!

Meyers caught his audience up on nearly every aspect of the crisis that he has missed over the past week, including the revelation that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) had tested positive for COVID-19 after frequenting the Senate gym and pool while he was waiting for his test results. What else did he do, lick every desk in the Senate chamber and shake hands with the Lincoln Memorial? he asked.

But while Paul is so far the only member of the Senate to test positive, several others have entered self-quarantine, including Sen. Mitt Romney. Meyers played the clip of Donald Trump finding out Romney had come in contact with someone who has the virus and responded by saying, Gee, thats too bad. When a reporter asked the president if they detected sarcasm in his response, Trump said, No, none whatsoever.

Oh no? That wasnt sarcasm? Meyers asked. So youre genuinely concerned about Romneys well-being? Did you also send him a get-well card that said, Ohhhh youre sick??? Im sooooooo soooorry!

Thats just a reminder that Donald Trump never passes up an opportunity to remind us that he is an awful person, the host continued. Even the midst of a global pandemic. Its almost like hes afraid well forget. Like hes worried if hes too focused on solving the crisis people wont remember that hes the same asshole who tweeted, Ive never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.

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