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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Melania Trump: The Inventor of Social Distancing

Some of our thickest-headed politicians have been passing the time by spreading nonsense about the coronavirus, Jimmy Kimmel said in the argued to Tucker Carlson on Monday that, in Kimmels words old people are willing to go to an early grave in order to help boost the stock market. And that doesnt make me noble or brave or anything like that, Patrick said on Fox News. No, it makes you an idiot, Kimmel replied, before adding, I shouldnt say it makes you an idiot. It reveals to us that you…

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Nurse Treating Coronavirus Patients In Italy Shares How Hard It Is With A Heartbreaking Pic

Alessia’s post was immensely popular, getting over 817k likes on Instagram. Internet users expressed their support for the nurse and for everyone in Italy on the frontlines in the battle against the virus. alessiabonari_ alessiabonari_ alessiabonari_ According to The Local, hospitals in Italy, especially in the north, are overwhelmed. Doctors and nurses are exhausted and the number of patients keeps growing. “It’s sort of like house arrest.” in his blog Travel Addicts. According to Rick, the lockdown in Italy feels surreal. “It’s sort of like house arrest. Having to walk…

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