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Yes, You Can Make Dalgona Coffee With Green Tea & Matcha Lovers Need To Try It


Here’s How To Make Dalgona Coffee With Green Tea For A Fun Twist

People are absolutely loving dalgona coffee, the latest viral drink that’s making rounds on social media. The caffeinated pick-me-up is a ‘Gram-worthy concoction that’s super easy to make at home and tastes as great as it looks. If you’re looking to spice up the recipe, you could even add matcha to the rich blend. Here’s how to make dalgona coffee with green tea for a tasty sip.

TikTok user @iamhannahcho originally posted the whipped coffee recipe on Tuesday, March 10, and since it’s gone viral, everyone is modifying the drink with their own unique twists. The original dalgona coffee recipe calls for two tablespoons of instant coffee, two tablespoons of sugar, and two tablespoons of hot water whipped together and poured over your choice of milk. If you’d like to make the green tea version, which was shared by TikTok creator @veggiekins, all you’ll need to do is swap out two tablespoons of matcha powder for the instant coffee. Everything else in the recipe remains the same.

There are a few other popular dalgona coffee hacks you can try out at home. If you’d like to make a mocha dalgona coffee, as suggested by Twitter users @Nathan_fellicia and @Mrs_DongJun, just add some whipped chocolate or cocoa powder to create a mocha-flavored coffee. People on social media are also experimenting with adding boba in their dalgona coffee. Tik Tok user @jadynjhh documented the process, which include the extra step of boiling your own tapioca pearls and adding a bit of honey to the boba for a sweet kick. After you’ve made your tapioca pearls, place them on the bottom of a glass and pour your choice of milk in. The final step is to add in the whipped coffee mixture and top it all off with whipped cream and chocolate chips.


If you don’t want to stay up all night, I’d recommend checking out the dalgona chocolate recipe. To make the caffeine-free drink, @joycexhu suggested on TikTok to replace the two tablespoons of instant coffee with cocoa powder. To get a creamier texture, you could swap out hot water for four tablespoons of milk.

With so many ways to spice up the whipped cup of joe, it’s time to get creative with your morning sip.

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