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26 Heartwarming Memes And Comics That Will Improve Your Mood

Let’s turn those frowns upside down, people.  1 Via: raidaisy 3 Via: raidaisy 5 Via: raidaisy 7 Via: raidaisy 9 Via: raidaisy 11 Via: raidaisy 13 Via: raidaisy 15 Via: raidaisy 17 Via: raidaisy 19 Via: raidaisy 21 Via: raidaisy 23 Via: raidaisy 25 Via: greencaptain Read more: http://cheezburger.com/3161093/26-heartwarming-memes-and-comics-that-will-improve-your-mood

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16 Things We Forget To Thank Our Moms For

1. All the times she had to double as best friend/counselor/therapist/costume designer/hair stylist/coach/all-around-solver-of-every-problem-ever. I remain unconvinced that moms aren’t actually superheroes in disguise. 2. Forgiving us when we forget to call. 3. Listening to all our pointless dramas when we do remember. 4. Being the kind of person that we actually do want to become because as we all know, it’s inevitable. 5. Having the incredible prowess only a mother whose babes have been scorned could mama bear protects her cubs, sometimes excessively, but we love it, let’s be honest.…

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