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Donald Trump Tells Reporter He’ll ‘Look Into’ Presidential Pardon For Tiger King Star Joe Exotic… – Perez Hilton

It was inevitable, really, that the train-wreck worlds of these two men would collide so spectacularly like this…

We’re talking about Donald Trump and Tiger King star Joe Exotic, of course, with the former now promising to “look into” the latter’s current prison situation and determine whether he actually deserves a presidential pardon. Oh, brother. What a time to be alive…

On Wednesday afternoon, during the President’s usually-disastrous daily press briefing on the coronavirus pandemic, New York Post reporter Steven Nelson brought some (unintentional?) humor to the room by asking The Donald about the top-rated show on Netflix.

More specifically, Nelson used his time at the briefing — during a global pandemic that has killed nearly 100,000 worldwide as of Thursday morning — to inquire as to whether the President would be up for granting a pardon to the tiger trainer after his

As dismissive as the Prez was about the question in the first place, though, he did eventually placate the reporter a little bit by saying he’d “look into it,” too. Of course, Trump could have been joking — we can only hope — but for the love of God let’s hope this White House-coronavirus-Tiger King crossover stops RIGHT HERE! We can’t take any more crazy bull s**t in our lives in 2020!!!

What do y’all think about this insanity, Perezcious readers?? Do U think Trump is actually going to look into a pardon for Joe Exotic?! Or just call his own dim-witted son into the White House and yell at him for even joking about it?? Sound OFF about this crazy (and disturbing) little ‘only in America’ moment down in the comments (below)…

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