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Your Best Nine Instagram Photos From 2019 Are FINALLY Here

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Will Instagram Have Best Nine In 2019? Get Ready To See Your Top Pics

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to look back on the past year. You already know which jams ruled your Spotify playlists in 2019, and now it’s time to see which of your photos came out on top. If you’ve been searching for your collage to no avail, you’re probably wondering whether Instagram will have Best Nine in 2019. You’ll be thrilled to know you can make your Best Nine collage to sum up the year in photos.

Top Nine recently announced the arrival of the app’s 2019 version at the end of November, and the Best Nine app is also creating 2019 photo collages. Both popular third-party apps are free to use, and you probably recognize them as the same apps you used to find your best photos of 2018. Although the companies have updated their apps for the new year, the process of getting your collage is much the same.

First and foremost, you can’t create a Best Nine post on the Instagram app itself. To get yours, you need to use a third-party app and then post the photo to your Instagram as a post or Story. To use Top Nine, you can download and access it via Google Play or the App Store using your Android or iPhone, respectively. If you’d rather do it online, you can get the same results by going to the Top Nine website. Best Nine’s website is also a favorite of Instagram users, and you can access its service via the website or download the app using the App Store or Google Play.

Top Nine

To use Top Nine, you just need to type in your Instagram username, and the service will ask to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, you’ll receive an email with your Top Nine photo available to download. If you’re on the app, it will show up right in the app. The app will share a message during peak hours that lets you know too many people are using that app at one time to get your collage at the moment. If that happens, you’ll get your collage in your inbox shortly after initiating it in the app.

Best Nine works a little bit differently. On the website or the app, you’ll enter your IG handle. Then, it will ask you which year you would like to select. Select 2019 and log in to Instagram. Best Nine will select your top photos, and you can actually rearrange your collage to suit what you’d like. For a 99-cent purchase, you also have the option to create a custom range of months for which posts you want to sift through. You can choose that option at the beginning when you sign into the app, along with the paid option for your all-time Best Nine photos.

Best Nine

Either app is easy to use and both even have options to turn your top photos into a video. The Best Nine app has a 99-cent charge for its videos, but the Top Nine app will make one free of charge for iOS users. Also, they both appear to choose the same top photos, so you’ll be getting your true best with either app. The new year is coming soon, so reflect on 2019 before it’s time for those New Year’s resolutions.

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