Are smartphones really making our children sad?

US psychologist Jean Twenge, who has claimed that social media is having a malign affect on the young, answers critics who accuse her of crying wolf Last week, the childrens commissioner, Anne Longfield, responded to the campaign. The assumption that time online or in front of a screen is life wasted needs challenging. It is driven by fear, he said. The best thing we can do is to focus less on the time they spend on screens at home and more on the nature of the activity. This exchange is…

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Odds and Ends 

Xiaomi puts the focus on India with plans to open 100 retail stores

Xiaomi isincreasing its office retail presence in China as bids to gain ground stolen by rivals in its homeland, and now itis making that very same push in its second largest market, India. The Chinese company, which is Xiaomi, notably, didnt go public with sales figures for 2016 but India has been a bright spot. according to analyst firm Canalys. Now it is doubling down on the country by introducing its Mi Home stores, starting with a debut spaceinBengaluru which will open in just over a week. The plan is…

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