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“She Knows There Will Be No Visitors, at the Hospital or Home. She Is Consumed With the Unknown”: Mom Says Pregnancy in Quarantine Wont Steal Her Joy

“It’s such a strange time to be pregnant.

This, a time when the mom-to-be should be preparing the nursery and spending way too much time shopping for baby’s perfect take home outfit. Instead, she shifts her focus to purchasing diapers and wipes online—worried there may not be enough to go around.

Typically, it’s a time when she is anticipating a baby shower with all of her loved ones to celebrate. Now, she must distance from those dear friends and family to protect her unborn child as well as herself.

It’s a time when she might have been planning her final hair and nail appointments or ordering a pretty new robe for all those adorable post-delivery pictures. Instead, she is consumed with the unknown. She feels desperate to know and plan for what may come once her sweet babe is here.

She knows there will likely be no visitors—at the hospital or at home.

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She thinks of her husband, her partner, her strength and wonders—will he be allowed to see his son come into this world? Or, will she and baby spend that first night or two alone?

She worries about the virus. Is her immune system strong enough? Would she be considered “priority?” Is it selfish to wonder that? What will the hospital be like come June?

She wrestles with these thoughts and questions multiple times a day.

I am her.

This isn’t my first rodeo. I know the other side. I remember the baby showers, the shopping sprees and the constant flow of visitors. I know the joy of celebrating without the weight of the world resting on my shoulders.


This experience, yes it is so different. And if I could change it I would in a heartbeat. Yet, when I look at my other two babies, I know one thing will be the same. The love.

It will rush in and sweep me off my feet. One look at my tiny son and I will fall truly, madly and deeply. I will stop at nothing to protect, provide and nurture him—no matter the circumstances.

So now, while he’s growing safely inside of me I will try and make the choice to be fearless. I will work to choose my faith first—even when it seems unnatural to do so. I will embrace this as part of our story and I will keep my chin up. My joy up. And my eyes up… We’re not letting this quarantine steal our joy.”

**This post was written by Andrea McGrue and originally appeared on her Instagram page

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