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Benefits of Using an Onward Ticket

Visitors who only need a one-way ticket for a foreign trip can rent an onward ticket and avoid the extra costs of spending money on the mandatory ticket for a round-trip.

The immigration officers at the port of entry will demand to see a flight ticket for a round trip as proof that you have secured your ticket to exit the country after your visit. However, for many reasons, it is much more affordable to travel with a one-way ticket and purchase the return ticket when you are ready to leave the country.

To avoid the hassles during visa application or at the immigration desk, and possible deportation because of a one-way ticket, you can rent an Onward flight ticket.

The Onward flight ticket is a two-way ticket that is validated by the airline, so you don’t need to worry about any checks at the confirmation desk.

There are so many benefits of using an Onward ticket, but first, let’s talk about how you can secure this unique flight ticket.

How to Secure Your Onward Ticket

It is very easy; the process required to secure your Onward ticket has been simplified to make it easy and convenient for all travellers.

All you need to do is create your profile on the Onward website (https://onwardticketvisa.com/), enter the details of your proposed trip, such as departure and return date, email address, the port of entry at the country you intend to visit and your full name, as it appears on your travel document.

Within 5-20 minutes (in their working hours ) and 5 hours ( out their of working hours ). All you need to do is print out the copy and attach it to your visa application documents.

Benefits of using an Onward ticket

Here’s why you should consider renting an Onward ticket for your next trip;

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

You can avoid the extra costs of paying for a round-trip ticket when you only need a one-way ticket for your trip. The money you save can be used for other essential expenses in preparation for your trip.


The speed at which the Onward ticket is processed makes it a convenient option for everyone. You can secure a two-way flight ticket even if it is an emergency or unplanned trip. Take advantage of the express service to secure an Onward ticket for your trip in 5-30 minutes.

Real-time Support

Your application for an Onward ticket is processed in real-time. You also have unlimited access to the customer support team who are always ready to help

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