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John Mulaney and Jake Gyllenhaals Hilarious Musical Ode to LaGuardia Airport

God bless John Mulaney.

Thecomedian rounded out another excellent turn as Saturday Night Livehost by adding another side-splitting musical parody to his growing collection. First we had Diner Lobster, then Bodega Bathroomand now Mulaney has given us a musical ode to the oft-maligned LaGuardia Airport. The best part? Jake Gyllenhaal shows up to parody Wicked, singing a spoof of Defying Gravity.

The set-up, as always, was simple: Pete Davidson made the questionable choice to buy sushi while waiting for a flight at LaGuardia Airport. Youre sure you wanna eat the sushi? Mulaneys character asks. Chris Redd, who played Davidsons friend, adds, Youre buying sushi at LaGuardia airport? Have you lost your damn mind?!

Enter Kenan Thompsonplaying the Phantom of the Opera.

In dreams its haunting you! he sings. That fish you ate / The expiration date / Ends in one, eight. / And still youre choosing it / As food for plane / The Phantom of the Bathroom is there / It smells insane.

Other notable parody subjects included West Side StoryI like to wait at LaGuardia, to the tune of Americaand Annie, as Kate McKinnon sings de Blasio to the tune of Tomorrow.

But the real highlight came when Jake Gyllenhaal, who recently appeared in Mulaneys Netflix special for children, came in on wires to parody Wickedspecifically, by channeling his inner Idina Menzel and singing a modified version of Defying Gravity.

So if you care to search me / Ill spread my legs real wide / Ill even bend over for you / You can take a peek inside / You can tell that I enjoy security / You can search way up in my cavity / You can pat me down / You dont have to use the front of your hands…

OK, Jesus, Mulaneys character finally interrupts. We get it, you can continue on to Cleveland now… Thats where everyone at LaGuardias goinglike it or not.

Other highlight guest appearances in the sketch included David Byrne, and rising SNL star Bowen Yang spoofedSuddenly Seymour as Profiled Asian.

Im just a profiled Asian, he sang. Standing beside you / If I cough then its over / Youll get off the plane / Profiled Asian / No, I wasnt in Parasite / I know the virus is bad, but / Its coming from Italy, too.

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