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Gwyneth Paltrows Vagina Candle Is Back in Stock, She Tells Jimmy Kimmel

Good news for fans of the worlds most famous scented wax: Gwyneth Paltrows This Smells Like My Vagina candle is back in stock.

Paltrow was on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night and he kicked off proceedings by asking her: Did you do anything weird today? Did you stick your head in a beehive or milk a goat?

The actress was on the show to discuss her Netflix show The Goop Lab, which explores fringe and alternative wellness therapies. The show has been praised and ridiculed in roughly equal proportions (the head of Britains National Health Service was one prominent critic, saying the show promoted treatments that carry considerable risks to health).

Paltrow, however, was applauded by the studio audience as she defended the show saying we are all free thinkers and able to do things and try things that might benefit our wellness.

As the crowd whooped in appreciation, Kimmel said: Those people are trying things called cannabis.

Kimmel also asked her about her high-school a capella band, but conversation inevitably turned, to Paltrows This Smells Like My Vagina candle, which first appeared on Goop this year and quickly sold out (We have more in now, said Gwyneth at one point).

I heard about this 300 times in one week, said Kimmel. What maniac came up with this idea? A French person?

I smelled something and I said this as a joke,Gwyneth said pointing to the label of the $75 candle. I thought we were just going to make one as a joke but the next thing I knew it was on my website.

Kimmel lit the candle and, taking a smell of it, said: It smells nice. It smells kind of a little masculine. Kind of woody. Was there any testing?

Its not really supposed to smell like a vagina, Paltrow said.

This is false advertising then, said Kimmel.

Paltrow said that the candle was at least partly intended to tackle the sense of shame some women have about their vaginas, and Kimmel asked whether she was planning to release a male version of the candle.

Paltrow replied: In fact a Canadian company has a candle called This Smells Like My Balls. Its 25 percent more expensive because of the gender pay gap.

Kimmel asked Paltrow about reports that Elton John had ordered a hundred of the candles to give to his friends, and suggested that Elton could re-record one of his classic hits and title it, My Vagina Smells Like a Candle in the Wind.

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