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Meghan King Edmonds Fires Back At Mommy Shamers With Sexy New Lingerie Selfie Amid Concerns Over Her Parenting! – Perez Hilton

Meghan King Edmonds has a PSA for all of the mommy shamers out there: back the hell OFF!

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star shared a sexy new selfie to her Instagram on Saturday and used her caption to clap back at haters who’ve criticized her recent parenting choices.

As you’re likely aware, the Bravo alum shares 3-year-old daughter Aspen, as well as 1-year-old sons Hayes and Hart with ex-husband Jim Edmonds. Details about the former couple’s marital issues and co-parenting challenges have dominated headlines lately as the two begrudgingly work on hammering out their messy divorce.

Last week, Meghan took to IG and shared an image of their little girl sleeping and explained she was knocked out cold after taking a melatonin gummy vitamin that was found in her purse. As expected, the ever-opinionated online community of moms took issue with the starlet giving her child the supplement, which is often used to treat symptoms of insomnia in adults.

King Edmonds later released a statement about the incident, telling People she wanted to “give a full explanation to this silliness”:

“It was a melatonin gummy for kids, not a sleeping pill and certainly not for an adult. It is completely safe.”

The Intimate Knowledge podcast host also added:

“Aspen found the one little gummy in a little baggie while rummaging through my purse. She asked me if she could have it and since it was nap time I told her ‘Yes.’ In fact, the recommended dosage for this particular brand of melatonin for kids is 2 gummies and I let her have one.”

After a slightly scandalous moment like that, if you were expecting the 35-year-old to keep a low profile online, think again!

Meghan Shows Off For The ‘Gram

Instead, she uploaded a lingerie-clad selfie (below) and took a direct shot at her critics:

In full, her message to all those “overly concerned” fans reads:

“BUT YOU’RE A MOTHER @averyroselingerie 😘 PS To all the “Nancys in Nebraska”: as you become overly concerned with a stranger just remember ima still do me✌🏼Brb gotta go live my best life byeeeee”

Well, that’s one way to tackle the issue! All those upset “Nancys” will just have to marvel at her slim figure while they find reasons to hate, we guess.

Meghan probably thought she did a good job at settling the score with her haters but it appears she might have made matters worse!

A few users countered her post with even more condemnation than before:

“Everything she does is calculated. From the barbies to the arm lifted to make the ribs stick out even more. Master of media manipulation.”

“pathetic how desperate for attention you are. No one needs to see your pale scrawny body. Sad that you crave attention that much.”

“I’ll never understand why you have to insult and lash out like you do. It’s gross. Grow up.”

There were a few supportive comments but for the most part, others just straight-up body-shamed her:

“Sadly sickly”

“No Meagan you need to get help your body is ill this is not a body for a healthy woman please get help before it’s to late we want you to get healthy do it for you and your 3 babies please”

“I’m totally a fan and all… but this is not a picture that supports n lifts women up”

Sigh. You truly can’t please everyone — nor should you try to! We’re not exactly sure how tearing Meghan down over her looks has anything to do with her being a good mom but hey, this is just the world we live in now. Something tells us she doesn’t give a crap either way, though!

What do U think about all of this, Perezcious readers?

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Meghan King Edmonds/Instagram].

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