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This $10 Bottle Of Ros Is A ‘Gram-Worthy Sip For Galentine’s Day

Courtesy of Target

Target Is Selling $10 Rosé Bae Wine In ‘Gram-Worthy Bottles

With the holiday of love just over a week away, Target is a one-stop shop to help customers lean into the treat-yo’-self spirit with plenty of sweet treats, decor, and libations. It’s safe to say you’ll want to document your Galentine’s Day spread this year, because Target is selling Rosé Bae wine in the prettiest bottles. For less than $10, the Insta-worthy wine comes in four ombré pastel hued-options — and you’ll definitely want to snap a pic for the ‘Gram before popping these bottles.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love in its many forms, which is why the aptly named Rosé Bae wine sounds like the perfect accompaniment to all the sweet and savory bites you’ll be indulging in come Feb. 14. The brand first launched as a Target-exclusive item during the weekend of Jan. 25. It’s not clear when it will be available at other retailers, but for now you can find it in Target stores that sell alcohol and online at Target.com. With four different ombré color schemes including pink and orange, aqua and red, light purple and violet, and pink and baby blue, each bottle is more ‘Gram-worthy than the last — and it’s just an added bonus that these photogenic bottles promise to be just as pleasing once you open them.

When you sip the rosé, you’ll get notes of strawberry and raspberry, and a “bright, crisp finish.” It sounds like the perfect mixture of crisp and sweet flavors, making this wine an ideal companion for whatever Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day treats you plan on enjoy.

Courtesy of Target

The icing on the cake is that all four of these bottle designs cost $9.99 each, which means you have a wallet-friendly gift for bae, your BFF, or, if you’re leaning into the whole self-love vibe of the holiday, yourself. All four of the stunning designs are filled with the same 2017 California Rosé and boast a 12.5% ABV, so have some fun mixing and matching the differently-hued bottles.

Currently, the Rosé Bae wine is available exclusively at Target, so make sure to pick up one (or all four) of these pretty bottles leading up to Valentine’s Day.

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