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Fake clip of Sanders quoting infamous ‘hot chip’ tweet is duping people online

A memetic video of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is making the rounds on Twitter.

In the video, which is fast approaching three-quarters of a million views at this writing, a voice pretending to be Sanders say, Any female born after 1993 cant cook. All they know is McDonalds, charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip and lie.

The visual portion is from the November Democratic presidential debate. The audio is reportedly someone doing an impression of Sanders. The video was posted on Reddit a month ago.

Although the voice impression is actually quite good, the video could be described as a shallow fake at best. Sanders mouth doesnt come close to matching the audio dubbed over it.

Its also just a fun joke, the quote itself from a tweet that went viral last year.

Plus the account that posted the video on Twitter, where it went viral@DataShadeis obviously comedic.

None of that stopped a ton of people from falling for it, much to others amusement.

Bernie! No! one protested. God damn it Bernie I cant post fast enough to defend you this time, said another.

Several, presumably regular consumers of cable news, were concerned that broadcasters would think it was real.

One person commented, Fox is gonna pick this up by morning. Perhaps hoping it would, someone even snitch tagged Fox News.

People who got the joke slid into the thread with some jokes of their own.

Damn he got red pilled, @Dbtheebustocles wrote. This is why Bernie is gonna win, said @Subatomictoast.

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