Deer tramples man in a McDonald’s parking lot

(CNN)Everybody knows stepping into a parking lot creates the possibility of getting run over by a car — but by a deer?

“It was absolutely nuts,” Worthy told WSOC. “It was just a bit of brown, and then I saw his face, I was down on the ground — that quick.”
In surveillance video Worthy posted, Ken leads the way to their car in the parking lot with his wife, Deanne, following closely behind.
    Ken looks to his right, sees the deer and looks directly at it. Showing no sign of stopping, the deer runs right over him, knocking him down. After a quick beat or two on the ground, Ken rolls to his feet and jumps back up. The deer didn’t stop.
    Worthy, a retired detective, said he’s seen some things on the job but this particular deer encounter caught him off guard. He’s grateful his wife wasn’t injured and that kids weren’t in the parking lot.
      The couple managed to leave the incident without an injury, according to Worthy’s Facebook post.
      “Life is crazy sometime,” he wrote. “God is good ALL the time! Not injured. PS: Didn’t spill my coke!”

      Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/31/us/deer-mcdonalds-trnd/index.html

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