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Trump Boasts of Soleimani Killing in 2020 Campaign Email

Republicans have balked at the suggestion that President Trumps decision to eliminate the the powerful Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani had anything to do with the 2020 election. It may, then, be quite difficult for them to explain this.

Trumps 2020 campaign sent out an email hit Sunday all about Soleimanis killing. Written from Trumps first-person point-of-view, the email was sent under the subject line Another Dead Terrorist and describes the Iranian general as a monster responsible for THOUSANDS of American deaths. It then urges supporters to click through to a link to share their thoughts on the assassination, as well as their contact details.

The triumphant email reveled in the drone strike on Soleimani that has brought the U.S. and Iran to the brink of war. It said the slaying was a reminder that America has the greatest military on Earth, and that terrorists have NO place in our world. The email also contained a poll asking Trump supporters if they think the U.S. military is the best in the worlda question that seems unlikely to split the crowd.

The email went on to attack Democrats, stating: While radical Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Ilhan Omar, and Bernie Sanders are busy criticizing me for eliminating a deadly terrorist, my administration is busy keeping our promise to support our military and put America FIRST.

It dismisses the thoughts of Democrats and FAKE NEWS, and tells the recipient on the email that Trump wants to hear REAL Americans like [insert name] from [insert place] think. It goes on: My team is sending me the responses first thing tomorrow morning, so be sure to respond NOW … Please take the Official Trump Military Survey before 11:59 PM TONIGHT to make sure I see your response.

Trumps decision to assassinate Soleimani has catapulted U.S. policy in the Middle East to the center of the political debate at the start of election year.

Trump hopes voters will back his decision, and has repeatedly spoken about Soleimanis history of attacks against U.S. interests and allies. The fresh debate came after weeks during which all Capitol Hill talked about was Trumps impeachment by the House of Representatives.

Read more: https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-boasts-of-soleimani-killing-in-2020-campaign-email

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