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Applebee’s $1 Margarita Will Have You Feeling Merry & Bright This Month

Applebee’s $1 Merry Dollarita For December 2019 Will Have You Feeling Festive

Applebee’s is the place to go when you’re looking for phenomenal deals on drinks and eats. And thankfully, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season won’t change that. Applebee’s $1 Merry DOLLARITA is going to have you feeling festive through the month of December, all while saving your wallet.

Announced on Dec. 1, the latest Neighborhood Drink of the Month is a boozy libation for the holidays that stays true to a traditional seasonal flavor: pomegranate. The ingredients of the Merry DOLLARITA include tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and pomegranate. So basically, the sip is a seasonal version of a tried-and-true marg. The drink is served in a 10-ounce mug, and will be available starting now through the end of December for only one buckaroo at participating Applebee’s locations.

It’s good to make sure, though, that your location is participating in this deal. To do so, give your local Applebee’s a call to confirm they carry the drink deal. While you may think your Applebee’s is participating in the deal without a doubt, it doesn’t hurt to make sure, as price and availability of the Merry DOLLARITA vary. Participating locations will have the drink available all month long, every day, all day, so whatever time you stop into an Applebee’s, you’ll be able to grab one if you’re 21 or older.

The December sip follows another seasonally-inspired drink Applebee’s had on hand for November — the Vodka Cranberry Lemonade. The drink was a twist on the classic vodka cran (you know, the one you probably drank as your first sip when you turned 21) with some extra Tropicana lemonade. Applebee’s is doing its best to create seasonal flavors that’ll make you want to take a little time out from the holiday stress.

Grab your friends and (responsibly) celebrate the start of December with the perfect drink to ring in the month. This seasonal marg really is the perfect gift for yourself, especially after you’ve been working so hard on getting the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. With the Merry DOLLARITA, you can celebrate a job well done without doing any damage to your wallet.

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