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Watch This Kid’s Adorable Reaction To Unwrapping An Odell Beckham Jr. Jersey For Christmas! – Perez Hilton

This is so cute!

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the best football players in the NFL right now, so it makes sense that a lot of kids look up to him when he takes the field on Sundays. This Christmas, one young OBJ fan got the gift of a lifetime — and his reaction was one for the ages! Seriously, this is SO adorable!

On Christmas Day, an Instagram user shared a wonderful video of his son receiving a replica of Beckham’s football jersey for the Cleveland Browns. Immediately upon unwrapping the gift, the ecstatic boy breaks down into tears, leading to an incredible viral video clip, as you can see (below):

As expected, the star wide receiver loved it, too — and shared his own reaction to the incredible unwrapping when he saw it later on Christmas Day:

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