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Yogurtland Will Let You Top Your Fro-Yo With Flamin Hot Cheetos

Courtesy of Yogurtland/Cheetos

Yogurtland’s New Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Topping Will Heat Up Your Fro-Yo

Just in time for the holidays, you can grab a sweet-and-spicy treat thanks to a collaboration from Yogurtland and Cheetos. If you’ve ever dreamt of crumbling Hot Cheetos on your dessert or love potato chips and ice cream, Yogurtland’s new Flamin’ Hot Cheetos topping is going to heat up your fro-yo in the best way possible.

The new promotional flavor and topping combination became available on Dec. 2 and will be sold at all Yogurtland locations throughout the United States for a limited time during the holiday season, so you can spice up your holidays ASAP.

Get ready to mix flavors to find your fave combo. Yogurtland states that the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot topping works very well with a variety of Yogurtland’s flavors, including its ice cream, as well as its mainstay, frozen yogurt.

On Saturday, Dec. 7, the brand celebrated the collaboration in Santa Ana, CA at the Main Place Mall, which included the chance to win fun swag, eat the new spicy-sweet combo, and even meet-and-greet with Chester Cheetah. I’m taking a wild guess and thinking the swag ~might~ include the adorable items in the promo photos, like the “Flamin’ Hot” necklace, the Cheetos “Lookin’ Like A Snack” tee-shirt, and the giant orange spoons.

Another flavor that will have you hyped for the holidays is its new molasses gingerbread cookie frozen yogurt. Find a Yogurtland near you to try some fro-yo that tastes like a literal gingerbread house. Yogurtland describes its flavors as a traditional, chewy molasses cookie, with seasonal spices like ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Like most self-serve fro-yo companies, your price will be based on how many ounces your cup weighs.

Courtesy of Yogurtland/Cheetos

The Yogurtland brand is one of the largest self-serve fro-yo brands in the United States, which has developed over 200 flavors. With flavors like Matcha Green Tea, Taro, Rocket Pop Sorbet, and White Chocolate Peppermint, you can get hype with unique fro-yo flavors you may not find anywhere else. Plus, for those with specific dietary needs, Yogurtland also carries some non-dairy creations, as well as no sugar added choices.

If a Cheetos partnership sounds familiar, you may remember the KFC Cheetos Sandwich that was available for four weeks during July 2019 or the Forever 21 x Cheetos clothing creations. Cheetos is on fire this year — literally — with fun, creative partnerships.

If you really want to get your hands on some frozen yogurt from Yogurtland and snap up a snack with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos toppings, I’d act fast, as it be available throughout the holiday season, but who would want to chance missing out on this limited-time gem?

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