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No One Saw You at 2AM When the Baby Wailed for You. No One Sees Your Exhaustion: Mom Encourages Weary Mothers, Says Youre Not Invisible

“No one saw you, at 2 a.m., when the baby wailed for you.

No one saw you, when a snoring exhausted man lay next to you, who had to get up for work, so the night shift was yours.

No one saw you when the baby didn’t want to be put down. Falling asleep while drinking and using you as a dummy.

I know you feel invisible when you’ve changed another poo, made another bottle, had another nipple bitten, made another snack. No one sees your exhaustion.

But you’re not. You’re not invisible.

Every time you help those little legs get into pants, wipe a butt, cut a sandwich. Every time you hold those little fingers, caress that little face. They see you. Those little eyes, they see you. They watch you.

You are growing a love that is the most powerful force on earth. One that can never be broken. And they’re watching you. Remember that.”

**This post was written by Laura Mazza and originally appeared on her Facebook page. See more from her here

Read more: https://faithit.com/no-one-saw-you-at-2am-when-the-baby-wailed-for-you-no-one-sees-your-exhaustion-mom-encourages-weary-mothers-says-youre-not-invisible/

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