Odds and Ends 

In 2018 the ticketing industry finally killed the sold out show

Jesse Lawrence If the Redskins and Warriors signaled a shift away from the sellout era in sports, Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour did the same for music. Having wrapped up earlier this month, Reputation finished as the highest grossing US Tour in history, despite a flurry of articles lambasting the artist for not selling out many shows.  Ironically, it turns out that the most important factor in her record-breaking success was exactly that: not selling out. Rather than a lack of demand, these unsold tickets for high-profile events are the result…

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Following a Tuna from Fiji to Brooklynon the Blockchain

I had just learned everything there was to know about the fish in front of me. Now a small part of its fleshy, red body was in my mouth. Five minutes earlier, I saw a video showing the waters in Fiji where it was caught, where it traveled on ice, and how exactly it ended up inside a sushi hand roll. The massive yellowfin tuna had been tracked across the globe via the Ethereum blockchain. Each stop on the fish's journey, from the landing dock to the processing facility to…

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