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Banksys Working From Home and Says His Wife Hates It

Banksy, whose only official social media outlet is Instagram, recently revealed that he’s in isolation like the rest of us. In true Banksy-fashion, he communicated this through his art and dry sense of humour, simply adding: “My wife hates it when I work from home.” [via Banksy on Instagram] Read more: https://twistedsifter.com/2020/04/banksy-is-working-from-home-and-says-his-wife-hates-it/

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30 Examples Of Hilariously Polite Graffiti

Most of the graffiti in this post falls into the latter category, but with one common feature: the writer put it there just to make the next person laugh, smile, or think. This post may include affiliate links. Unfollow 13 hours ago This made me smile. Very clever. reply Unfollow 13 hours ago Canada, is that you? Unfollow 8 hours ago So… is it safe for women? reply Unfollow 13 hours ago Lovely writing In 2015, one anonymous chaotic good character became infamous for the practice in Manchester, calling himself…

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