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Snapchat Spectacles 3 review: Pretty, pricey

No one’s going to pay $380 for decent point-of-view video glasses and some trippy filters. But that’s kind of the point of Snapchat Spectacles 3. They’re merely a stepping stone toward true augmented reality eyewear — a public hardware beta for the Snap Lab R&D team that Apple and Facebook aren’t getting as they tinker in their bunkers. Still, I hoped for something that could at least unlock the talents of forward-thinking video creators. Yet the unpredictable and uncontrollable AR effects sadly fail to make use of Spectacles‘ fashionable form…

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Snap launches Spectacles in two new styles: Nico and Veronica

Nico on the left, Veronica on the right.Image: Snap Snap’s original Spectacles, though designed more or less like traditional sunglasses, weren’t for everyone. The funky frame was…well, ugly, and the camera in one corner and LED flash in the other were visible from an airplane.  The originals launched in 2016, and the company redesigned them in April 2018 (technically called Spectacles 2), making them smaller and lighter, but the design remained mostly the same.  But on Wednesday, Snap launched Spectacles in two new styles, and these will likely appeal to…

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