Here Are Our 137 Best Comics That Are About Snarky Shark Remarks And Other Hilarious Aquatic Slices Of Life

The Life of Sharks is a webcomic that features real facts about sharks along with witty humor—created by Christian Talbot (the writer) and Sophie Hodge (the illustrator). Mostly our comic is about the minutiae of everyday life, relationships, and emotions. We thought it would be funny to put those things into the mouths of fish that are perceived to be cold-hearted killers. Also, sharks can’t claim royalties. The more I learn about Sharks, the weirder, and more appealing, we find them. A lot of marine biologists follow us now, and they appreciate…

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Odds and Ends 

This is Probably the Closest Most of Us Will Get to Swimming with Great Whites

On Jan. 15th 2019, Ocean Ramsey and her team encountered what is possibly the largest great white shark ever recorded. Read below for Ocean’s statement about the event. Location: “Offshore Oahuâ€-We are not disclosing the location for public safety Size: Approximately 20ft Long X 8ft Wide Myself (Ocean Ramsey) and my team @OneOceanDiving /@OneOceanResearch: ** @JuanSharks (Juan Oliphant) @Mermaid_Kayleigh (Kayeligh Burns) and @Forrest_in_focus (Forrest Thomas) and @camgrantphotography (Cam Grant) headed out before sunrise to survey shark populations offshore Oahu. Shark populations around Hawaii are unfortunately declining and there are currently…

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