If Youre Freezing In Your Office Then These 29 Memes Are For You

Your hands are shaking so much that your words per minute typing rate increases to never before seen speeds. Your teeth are chattering and sound like you’re playing the Castanets. Your breath comes out in huge clouds of condensation that immediately turn into snow. We’ve all been there: you’re working at the office and you realize that you’re slowly freezing into a popsicle, much like Jack Torrance at the end of The Shining (can’t spoil something that’s been out for ages). With Autumn already in swing, some office workers are…

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Odds and Ends 

Bowing Out: Justin Timberlake Has Retired From Singing After Realizing That You Can Just Work In An Office

One of pop music’s most iconic superstars just announced that he’s stepping away from the microphone for good. Earlier today, Justin Timberlake issued a statement letting the world know that he’s retiring from singing after realizing you can just work in an office. Wow. This is truly the end of an era. Timberlake’s shocking message goes on to describe dozens of other reasons why he finds working in an office far superior to being a pop singer, including an anecdote of how he recently learned that in offices you’re allowed…

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