Man Shares A Rude Note A Deaf Broke Man Left After He Gave Him Food

With so many people living below the poverty line, it’s no surprise that sometimes they are forced to rely on the kindness of strangers to get through the day. However, with so many stories flying around about people who pretend to be poor or disabled just to scam people out of their money, people are sadly becoming less willing to help strangers. This story, shared by a Redditor, is no exception. A computer store employee had an unusual encounter with a deaf person who came into the store not to…

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How to Hijack Amazons Prime Now for Good

There are services that are now capable of delivering products in a matter of hours instead of days. YouTuber Rob Bliss decided to try to use the service to deliver helpful products to those in need. When he asked people what they needed, Rob said the most requested items were: socks, backpacks, sleeping bags, underwear, water, and hygiene kits. But what if you don’t have time to go get those things? People want to help but may be in a rush themselves somewhere. His hope is that Amazon and/or other…

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