20+ Times Cats Hilariously Crashed Nativity Scenes

Can you imagine then, the attraction of the nativity scene for our feline friends? All those tiny people to trample over, a manger to lie in, a little straw to sit on and most importantly, being the centre of attention. It’s pussy paradise! Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/cats-crashing-nativity-scenes/

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These Are Probably The Most Stunning Twin Cats in The World

Iriss & Abyss are two blond twin sisters with heterochromia two different color eyes. They were born on 11.11.2015 in Saint-Petersburg, and they are the most beautiful cats we have ever seen. For more photos of this amazing duo, check out their popular Instagram page. 1 Via: Sis.twins on instagram 3 Via: Sis.twins on instagram 5 Via: Sis.twins on instagram 7 Via: Sis.twins on instagram 9 Via: Sis.twins on instagram Read more: http://cheezburger.com/3158277/these-are-probably-the-most-stunning-twin-cats-in-the-world

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