The Top 3 Rugged Cameras for Daredevil Shooters

Ricoh WG-70

Ricoh's latest entoughened camera has special modes for optimizing colorful foliage and pristine snowy vistas, but it loves getting up close too. A “digital microscope” mode shoots detailed macro photographs, thanks to a ring of LEDs around the lens that illuminates intimate encounters. When you take it underwater (it can withstand depths down to 45 feet), the mode lets you try to get as close as 1 cm away from those triggerfish. $280

Nikon COOLPIX W300

The consummately rugged Coolpix W300 can withstand dives of up to 100 feet without any additional protective gear, so it's the best option for the scuba set. Built-in image stabilization means details are captured sharply, taming the shakes of your wildest adventures. The camera can also tag the photo metadata with its internal altimeter and compass, adding brag-worthy contextual detail to vacation slideshows. $390

Olympus TG-6

The latest in a long line of rough-and-tumble pocket cams from Olympus, the TG-6 pairs a waterproof, crushproof exterior with a wide-aperture lens that does exceptionally well in low light—on dry land or up to 50 feet underwater. It can keep shooting in temperatures down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and the nitrogen-filled, fog-proof lens helps keep the picture clear during sudden temperature shifts, like when you take it out of your cozy pocket to capture a snowy sunset. $449

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