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$255 in Groceries Fly Out Moms Window, Cashier Gets Them Back and Delivers Them to Her Home

“Have to share what happened in Nashville to my mom today.. ONLY IN THE SOUTH would this happen!

She’s had wayyy too much on her plate lately, so today she was headed out to the mall to do some leisurely shopping. On the way she got an unexpected call that company was on their way to her house in the next few hours. Being the amazingly hospitable hostess she is, she turned around to go to the grocery store instead so she could have food to prepare and clean the place for their visit.

$255 later after Publix (grocery store), she was almost back home to Pegram and had the thought, “That is the cleanest back window I have ever seen.” Turns out her new used Expedition (which she hasn’t had for long) has a button you can push to open the back hatch, and she didn’t realize it had opened! She lost almost ALL her groceries, and didn’t realize it until she was home.

Not long after arriving home she got a phone call. It was the manager at Publix. The manager asked if it was Laney Hicks, she said yes, and he told her their surveillance cameras had caught her leaving the store and spilling her groceries. The cashier who checked her out told the manager about the conversation with my mom and her change-of-plan grocery shopping run for unexpected company. SO THIS IS WHAT THEY DID: They printed my mom’s receipt, went through the store and got all her groceries, bagged them, THREW IN A FRESH BAKED APPLE PIE and DELIVERED THEM TO HER HOUSE. Clearly, my mom told them she’d never shop anywhere else. She still can’t believe it!

Photo Credit: Lindsey Gipe

So this is what happens when people love the way God intended.. (compassionately, kind, gracious, sacrificially, unselfishly, merciful, understanding, patient, beyond what you could ask or think.) This is what God’s love looks like in ACTION. How sad that it’s so rare.

Publix just became a new kind of awesome in my book. Southerners, I highly recommend shopping there!”

**This post was written by Lindsay Gipe and originally appeared on her Facebook page.

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