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Does JoJo Siwa Have A Boyfriend?! – Perez Hilton

Does JoJo Siwa have a new man in her life, or what?!

The 16-year-old YouTube sensation and singin’ star has apparently been spending a lot of time with a cute hunk recently, judging by her social media feed! And then on Sunday, Siwa really caught fans’ attention about the possible relationship by posting an adorable TikTok video of the pair dancing together…

So, who is this mystery man, anyways?!

Well, it turns out the new man in the young YouTuber’s life is Elliott Brown, a high school senior who is headed to the University of Nebraska to play football next year. Siwa herself is from Nebraska too, of course, though her career has brought her to El Lay quite a bit lately, and it’s not quite clear how these two linked up, other than to say there’s some kind of Midwestern connection!

Brown has been featured in a few different pics to come across the singer and performer’s Instagram page of late, drawing quite a bit of fan attention, like the one (above) where JoJo captured the two of them going full-sparkle with the shoes to match! The high school football stud hasn’t been shy about sharing pics on his own feed, either, going so far as to call himself “blessed” late last week for an amazing time out in California alongside Siwa (below):

And late last night, JoJo’s aforementioned TikTok video alongside the blonde beau made its way to her IG feed, too:

Of course, JoJo is about to embark on the next leg of her Dream tour, which starts in Colorado on March 11 and runs through the beginning of June at a final stop in Arkansas. Relationship or not, it’s go-time for the viral video sensation, and whatever she’s got going on here may be put to the test!

Anyways, what do y’all think about JoJo Siwa’s potential new boyfriend, Perezcious readers?! Football player, hunky looks, good body, obviously super fun with the videos and dressing up for photos… does he seem like the right type of guy for her, or what??

[Image via Instagram]

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