These girls aren’t in school but they’re still saying the Pledge of Allegiance

(CNN)Two sisters in Pennsylvania just finished a full week of learning at home since their school was closed to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

In a video Paukovitch posted on Twitter, Carrington and Brooke can be seen with their backpacks filled with books, lunchboxes in one hand and their other hands over their hearts as they recite the pledge as they would do in their schools.
Paukovitch and his wife are educators and feel they have the tools they need to get them through this time at home.
    “I think a lot of parents wouldn’t think of that (the Pledge of Allegiance), but that’s my normal life too because I teach second grade and that’s kind of my everyday,” he said.
    Carrington and Brooke said adding the pledge to their school at home routine was Paukovitch’s idea.
    His daughters have been enjoying the time at home but still stick to a schedule.
    The sisters still wake up, get dressed as if they’re going to school, do their hair and head out the front door for the pledge at 9 a.m.
      “We didn’t explain much to them in terms of the actual virus,” Paukovitch said. “They know that when we go outside and play we can’t play with other kids in the neighborhood and that we can’t go to stores right now, but they’re kind of just in their own little world and enjoying playing. They don’t really understand the scope of what’s going on.”
      Paukovitch said they have at least another week of at home learning ahead of them. But, like so many other educators and parents around the US, he isn’t really sure how long it will last.

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