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These St. Patricks Day Instagram Filters Will Make You Feel Like A Pot Of Gold

6 Instagram Filters For St. Patrick’s Day 2020 To Help You Feel The Luck

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and you can kick off the celebrations by adding a themed effect to your Instagram Stories. If you want to sprinkle some magic on your followers this season, there are plenty of cool filters you can choose from. Here are 6 Instagram filters for St. Patrick’s Day that’ll spice up your selfies with some shamrock love.

The special St. Patrick’s-themed filters feature different AR effects that’ll add green shamrocks and leprechaun hats to your Stories. To find all the filters, go to the respective creators’ Instagram accounts, tap on the smiley face icon, and then find the filter by it’s name. Once you see it, you can try it and save it to your Instagram camera. After you’ve saved them all to your camera, you can start flooding your Stories with shamrocks.

1. St. Patrick Filter

The St. Patrick filter, by user @biancagarutti, adds a green hat to your head. You’ll look just like your favorite leprechaun with the festive hat.

2. St. Patrick’s Day Filter

Created by user @alumni_ingles, the St. Patrick’s Day filter adds a mini leprechaun hat to the top of your head. There are also dreamy shamrocks sprinkled along the border of the filter.

3. St. Patrick’s Hat Filter


This AR effect is perfect to try out with a pal. Created by user @baretreemedia, it adds a green hat with a gold shamrock to one person’s head, and a gold hat with a green shamrock to the other’s.

4. St. Patrick’s Day! Filter

Instagram / @thedrunkpoetsg

Created by user @thedrunkenpoetsg, this wacky effect is a fun way to show off your shamrock pride. It adds a hat, glasses, and a moustache to your face, as well as a green background decorated with shamrocks.

5. Glowing St. Patrick’s Day Filter


The St. Patrick’s Day filter adds a semi-transparent green effect over your selfie so that your face and body get a festive glow up. There are also shamrocks floating at the top. The filter comes from @thehoytorg.

6. St. Patrick’s Day Filter With Shamrocks

Created by user @jeromeguitton, this effect keeps it minimalistic by adding a few different sized green shamrocks to your Story.

The filters are all different, but each conveys an unmistakable excitement for the holiday. I recommend giving them all a shot before tapping the share button, so you can find the one that is perfect for you.

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