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The Penultimate Episode of BoJack Horseman Floored Me

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The Penultimate Episode of BoJack Horseman Floored Me

Its been three weeks since Netflix dropped the final half-season of BoJack Horseman, and I still cant stop thinking about that second-to-last episode.

Without giving too much away, The View From Halfway Down takes place in a surreal purgatory dream-state of sorts in which we arent quite sure whether the titular horseman has accidentally drowned himself or not. Surrounded by the most important people in his life who have perished over the course of the shows six seasons, BoJack ultimately has to choose between succumbing to the darkness or reaching out for help.

Its just one of several episodes from creator Raphael Bob-Waksbergs hilarious and deeply moving Hollywoo(d) satire that have completely upended what animated comedy can be, from Season Threes near-silent Fish Out of Water to Free Churro, the Season Five episode in which Will Arnett delivers a career-defining voice performance as BoJack, delivering an unbroken 20-minute eulogy for his mother.

By the time BoJack and Diane (the equally impressive Alison Brie) are sitting together in silence on a roof in the series finale, there really is nothing left to say about how much of a game-changer BoJack Horseman really was. Matt Wilstein

Im Way Too Invested in Bill Hader and Rachel Bilsons Relationship

This Valentines Day, I got a text from my landlord saying the exterminator needed access to my apartment. Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader, thankfully, had a much better time together. According to E!, the unlikely couple took a quick getaway to Orange County to be together without any distractions. This is the first weve heard of them since the Golden Globes last month, during which they both walked the red carpet looking so cute but also terribly uncomfortable together, like high-schoolers posing for their parents before prom.

The Barry star, who E!s source said treats [Bilson] very well and is adorable, hilarious, and fun, first publicly wooed the actress in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they hit up a Starbucks. There are no other two people whose mundane errands I am more interested in following. Less Orange County getaways, you two, more Target runs and laundry days!

Though they met in the most eye roll-y, Hollywood wayby staring together in 2013s The To-Do List, a romcom directed by Haders then-wife, Maggie CareyBilson and Hader have entered into a low-stress, easy to root for, decidedly millennial coupling. They buy bulk LaCroix together! And what is love, really, other than finding an adorable and hilarious other human who's willing to carry your 24-pack of seltzer home? Alaina Demopoulos

Happy Birthday Doug Is Gay Genius

What makes gay men tick, dish, and sometimes combust? In Drew Droeges very funny and sometimes piercing Happy Birthday Doug at SoHo Playhouse in NYC, Droege himself plays a collection of gay men attending the eponymous Dougs 41st birthday in a bar. Theyre variously (including Doug himself and a cameo from Oscar Wilde) vain, drunk, catty, self-deluded, sweet, kind, intelligent, judgmental, nervy, and hilarious.

Its only an hour long, and yet youll see a vivid variety of gay life and character on stage. You may recognize friends or even yourself in the beautifully written and played characters. But the harsh mirror Droege holds up is ultimately more holistic than mean. The play proposes that gay life contains multitudes, very curious and necessarily complex multitudesand ones we should embrace. Book tickets here. Tim Teeman

God Help Me, I Love Love Is Blind

OK, Ill admit itIm one of the unhinged people who adores Love Is Blind. I love everything about it: the bonkers concept, the players who proclaim their love for one another despite having never met in person, and even the forehead vein I now get every time someone mentions Barnett, one-third of the shows most obnoxious love triangle. (Keep watching; youll see why.)

The first batch of episodes began last week, but the series will debut in pieces, so theres plenty more to come in all the featured relationships. And that even includes a runaway bride! As a reality-TV fan, I cannot fathom what more anyone could ask for. Laura Bradley

Im Still Riding the Wave of Parasite Euphoria

As a half-Korean still basking in the glow of Bong Joon-ho and Parasites triumphant night at the Oscars, Ive been busy re-watching some of my favorite Korean films of late, many of which are available to stream on various sites. Theres Bongs one-two punch of Okja and Snowpiercer (both on Netflix)the former a madcap satire on the grotesqueries of meat production (bolstered by a truly batshit-insane Jake Gyllenhaal turn), the latter a dystopian class-warfare masterwork that introduced us to Chris Evans Cap beard, Tilda Swintons dentures, and a stunning night-vision hatchet battle.

Theres also Train to Busan, the finest zombie film in recent memory (also available on Netflix, and featuring the talented young actor Choi Woo-shik, who played the tutor-son in Parasite), and The Villainess (streaming on Hulu), a Raid-style actioner boasting a kickass heroine on par with John Wick. Marlow Stern

Baby Yoda Merch Is Finally Here and Im the Sucker Whos Gonna Buy It

Last November, Disney+ debuted The Mandalorian, a Lone Wolf and Cub-style saga about a hot single space dad and his tiny, adopted charge, the latter officially known as The Child but collectively rechristened Baby Yoda. The baby was the heart of the show: Aggressively adorable, rascally, perfectly meme-ableand born to raid the wallets of Star Wars fans in the form of toys and other merch. I mean, obviously! Star Wars fandom was forged by its desire to own pieces of that universe; it revolutionized the toy industry in 1978, and has spent a full twice as much money on Star Wars-based toys as it has on the films themselves. We were all clear marks for the funny little gurgling alien.

Yet, in an uncharacteristically non-exploitative fumble, Disney failed to capitalize on Baby Yoda fever. Only now, a full three months after the shows debut, has it unveiled a full line of Mandalorian toys and costumes. Some of the stuff is, uh, unexpected. I dont know what demand there is for Baby Yoda-themed editions of the board games Operation and Trouble. (???) But while perusing the offerings Disney debuted Thursday at this years Toy Fairoh-so-convinced I am an adult capable of restraintI laid eyes on the image thatll haunt me until I own it, unbox it, and start cooing at it every day inside my living room.

Look at this animatronic plush Baby Yoda. Watch him close his shiny little eyes, extend his weird three-fingered hand, and use the Force, lifting $60 directly out of my hands and straight into the pockets of our Disney capitalist overlords. I hate how much I want this thing. Yet Id die for him all the same. Melissa Leon

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