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These New Cat Face Filters On Snapchat Look Super Realistic

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The 7 Best Cat Face Filters On Snapchat To Channel Your Inner Feline

At the end of 2019, cat face videos started flooding social media. The videos of people scaring their cat with a feline face filter caught fire because of the real kitties’ hilarious reactions to their pet parents. Sine the trend first caught on, there are now even more cat filters to choose from, so here are the 7 best cat face filters on Snapchat to channel your inner feline.

When these cat face filters started going viral in November of last year, people were losing it over cat reactions to their owner suddenly sporting fur and whiskers in their camera. Most cats in the videos display a shocked expression and even check to see if their human is still fluffy and whiskered off the screen.

These filters aren’t located in your main Lens Carousel, but it’s pretty easy to find them. First, open up Snapchat, then, go to the Lens Carousel, and tap on the smiley face icon on the right. This will bring you to the Lens Explorer tab. To find the cat filters, select the magnifying glass at the top of the screen and search “cat,” “catface,” or “cat face.”

1. “Cat” by Digi Zone

One of the first cat face Lenses on Snapchat is one created by Digi Zone. This Lens turns you into an augmented reality ginger tabby cat. It’s perfect for taking cat reaction videos or just having some fun transforming yourself into a feline.

Snapchat/Digi Zone

2. “Cat” created by Joe Speaker

Another one of the originals, this filter puts a tortoiseshell cat overlay on your face, inserting your own lips and teeth into the experience. It’s not as creepy as some of the other cat filters, but it’s just as fun.

3. “CatFace” by Soplix

Searching for the term “catface” will bring up this one to the top. Created by Soplix, this filter transforms you into a ginger cat with green eyes. The filter allows for some emotion and movement, but mostly through the mouth.


4. A “cat face” Lens from Ida Ek

This one takes a cue from Grumpy Cat with a grumpy-faced orange kitty. It looks like a Persian cat who’s just had a bath, which is funny enough even without involving your cat in a video.

Snapchat/Ida Elk

5. Snapchat “Cat Face” Lens by Aligatou

This Lens literally puts a giant cat face over yours, but it’s a static image, so your expression doesn’t come through. Nonetheless, there’s a ton of room to sneak your furry friend into the frame and record their reaction.


6. The “Cat Face” filter from Lens Lab

This filter has a holiday theme and a solid background, so you might just have to watch your cat’s reaction IRL, since the video won’t capture them. Nonetheless, this filter takes your eyes and lips and uses them with a gray cat on the top and bottom portion of the screen and it looks hilarious.

Snapchat/Lens Lab

7. “Cat Face” filter by Mitititchell

Another one that has a preset background and inserts your eyes and lips onto a picture of a cat, this Lens is hilarious enough to use by yourself or gauge your cat’s reaction IRL before you record a video with a different filter.


Your cat will not know how to react when they see you in your new AR car form. To get in on the video trend, take a selfie video with your feline witnessing a cat face filter and see what goes down.

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