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SNL Brutally Mocks Trumps Orange Face Tan Line Photo

President Trump was acquitted in a Senate trial this week and Democrats are calling it a cover-up, Colin Jost said at the top of Saturday Night Lives Weekend Update this week. But does this look like a guy who can pull off a cover-up?

With that line, the show displayed the viral photo of President Trump with his hair blown back, revealing a dramatic orange tan line across his forehead.

Oh my God, its like the day at the nursing home when they let the residents put their own makeup on, Jost joked.

In response to a barrage of memes and jokes about the photo on Saturday, Trump tweeted, More Fake News. This was Photoshopped, obviously, but the wind was strong and the hair looks good? Anything to demean!

President Trump then spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast and held up a headline about his acquittalI assume to prove that prayers dont work, Jost continued. Then he went and attacked Mitt Romney, a devout Mormon who voted to convict him. Trump said, I dont like people who use their faith as a justification for doing what they know is wrong, at which point even the leaders of the National Prayer Breakfast were like, Jesus Christ, dude.

Next up, Michael Che introduced Trumps impeachment victory speech at the White House before instead showing footage of O.J. Simpsons acquittal. The audience for Trumps speech consisted of his legal team and Republican lawmakers, Che added. Because I guess that circle aint going to jerk itself.

Later, Che brought up the touching moment from Trumps State of the Union address when he awarded Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And then immediately after the speech in a more touching moment, Rush traded the medal for a bottle of Oxy, he joked before adding, Now, look, say what you want about Rush Limbaugh

When he declined to finish the sentence, Jost asked, Oh, that was it?

Thats it, Che replied.

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