Natalie Portmans Oscar Outfit Honors Snubbed Female Directors

Even though celebrity life may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the Oscars ceremony is a real guilty pleasure for many of us mere mortals. It’s the night when everyone gets fancy and dressed up, we get to hear some wonderful speeches, and also see our favorite movies get recognized by the film community. Furthermore, we get to satisfy our inner fashionistas, feasting our eyes on spectacular outfits. One of those spectacular outfits showcased this year belongs to Natalie Portman and carries a very special meaning within it. Portman decided to celebrate all the female directors that were not recognized and have their names intricately embroidered on her fabulous cape.

Natalie Portman wore a black and gold dress accompanied by a black cape that was embroidered with the names of women directors who were not acknowledged in the Best Director category

Names on Portman’s cape included Lorene Scafaria, the director of Hustlers, Lulu Wang, The Farewell’s director and Greta Gerwig, the director of Little Women

This is how she explained her fashion choice

Furthermore, it was not the first time she spoke about the issue of the Academy nominating only male directors

People were inspired by her outfit

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