Im Actually Excited About The Latest Horror Reboot

I might be one of the only horror fans that doesn’t mind a reboot. As a fan of music, I love a good cover and I like seeing how new creative teams interpret the horror movies I grew up on. A big one from my childhood as a 90’s kid was . I was young enough that I remember truly being frightened when Joshua Jackson chased pop rocks with soda:

Urban Legend

Also as a 90’s kid I grew up with the early internet which was full of casual horror. There were chain letters in my AOL inbox and spooky stories circulating about men in chatrooms who collected women to kill and AIDS needles lurking in the cushioned seats at the movie theater. It was the perfect environment to become obsessed with Creepypastas, horror movies, and word of mouth stories that might not be true — but do convey some sort of creepy aspect of our human psyches.

Now, not only is the franchise getting a reboot, it will focus on the internet lore that pairs perfectly with its 90’s roots.

Urban Legend

The writer/producer behind and will be writing and directing a new slasher movie about social media myths and legends. Previously, had two sequels, Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000) and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005). The film is being fast-tracked by studio Screen Gems and is currently casting. We’ll post updates when it’s time to get excited about the new hitting theaters!


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