Secondary schools league tables to be published

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New secondary school league tables for England are to be published by the Department for Education.

The tables are based on how teenagers in each school performed in their GCSE exams and A-levels last summer.

They provide a snapshot of how well each school in the country is performing, by tracking pupils’ progress since they left primary.

Parents can check here to see how local schools are performing, soon after 09:30 GMT.

The information, being published by the Department for Education, takes last year’s exam results down to school level.

Soon after it is published, readers will be able to check how schools in their area have performed, by entering a full postcode into the BBC postcode search.

But there is also a whole range of data on what types of pupils make up each school and how they perform, as well as information about different groups of pupils’ performance at the national level.

Data on how well Scottish pupils do in reading, writing and numeracy is published as part of its Curriculum for Excellence.

The Welsh Assembly publishes school performance information in the form of a colour code. Schools are rated green, yellow, amber or red, according to how well they are performing.

School league tables are not published in Northern Ireland.

Read more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-51385968

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