The Coronavirus Global Health Emergency, an Amazon Rival, and More News

WHO is declaring and a startup is daring, but first: a cartoon about the power of passwords. Here's the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s News

The coronavirus is officially a global health emergency

Last week, the World Health Organization decided against declaring the coronavirus outbreak an international health emergency in part because the disease seemed to only be spreading through people who had been to Wuhan, China. But now the virus is spreading human-to-human in other countries, with the first US case being confirmed today. The WHO has reconvened with an emergency vote, deciding to now declare it a global health emergency.

This startup wants to help indie booksellers take on Amazon

Over 90 percent of ebook and audiobook sales in America take place on Amazon. But a new startup called Bookshop is trying to change that. The mechanics of buying books there are familiar, but there are a few major differences behind the scenes: 10 percent of all profits will be divided among independent bookstores every six months in exchange for promoting Bookshop to their customers. These sellers can also sign up for the company’s affiliate program, which offers a 25 percent commission to stores and 10 percent to media outlets that link to Bookshop. The 5-person startup hopes the improved margins for both sellers and media will help them turn the page on a new era for the publishing industry.

Fast Fact: 112,095

That's how many vehicles Tesla delivered in the fourth quarter last year, a new record for the electric-car maker. Tesla's earnings report yesterday comfortably beat expectations, cementing the company as the world's second-largest automaker by market cap, behind only Toyota.

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