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Donald Trump Becomes The Third President In American History To Be Impeached! – Perez Hilton

MERRY IMPEACHMAS, and a happy new year!

The House of Representatives sat down to make two historic votes on Wednesday on the articles of impeachment, and came to the conclusion that President Donald Trump is FIRED!

Well, not really yet — but we’ll get to that.

According to reports, the votes to impeach Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress both passed but were almost entirely along party lines — meaning most Democrats voted to impeach, while all Republicans voted against it (surprise, surprise).

This vote marks the culmination of a three-month inquiry into allegations that Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rivals while withholding crucial US security aid the country needed as it was being attacked by Russia. (Get more deets HERE!)

Now, it’s up to the Senate to hold a trial to decide to remove him from office, which will begin in early January. Mind you, it is majority Republican — so it’s not looking great. The jurors are the 100 U.S. senators — 53 Republican, 45 Democrats, and two independents. A two-thirds majority — 67/100 — is needed to convict. If that happens, POTUS will be swiftly removed from office, something which has never happened before.

Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were also impeached but both eventually acquitted after the Senate vote. With a Senate controlled by Republicans, some of whom have already promised on TV not to be impartial, that’s a likely outcome for Trump as well. (Richard Nixon resigned on his own before his own impeachment could take place!)

This year regardless, we’re thankful for that anonymous whistleblower complaint that started it all! And we hope 2020 brings good news of a man who abused his power finally going down.

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