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Checking Out Keystone, Colorado


Known as a ski haven, Keystone in Colorado, United States has been a popular spot for ski buffs and lovers of cold weather. Nestled within Summit County, the city is treated more like a ski resort by most people, and it is located close to the Eagle County Airport and the Denver international airport. Many guests head over to the city during summer months when they want a cool place to stay for the summer break, and have fun that is suitable for all ages.

Things to Do

There are simply too many things to do when visiting Keystone. Guests have the option of having the time of their life at a winter wonderland by skiing, hiking, dog sleighing, biking, snowmobiling, and ice skating. These are just a few of the winter activities that guests can enjoy during their trip to keystone. Skiing has been one of the top activities as the slopes are just too exhilarating for words. Guests can marvel at the crisp, white, mountains that have varying degrees of difficulty, although there is always something for everybody to do. This is ideal for those who are still learning to ski, or those who are learning the sport again. Depending on the time of the year, the city also allows guests to enjoy golf should they chance to visit during the warmer months, as well as trail running. Biking and fishing are also options for tourists during their stay. Book your Keystone Hotels with Reservations.com.

Exploring the City

Since the activities that encompass Keystone are widespread, some people find it a bit challenging getting to and from certain areas where activities are held. Nevertheless, the accommodations in the area provide free transportation for all of their guests such as a shuttle bus with regular 15-minute schedules to lodging areas, ski area, and other attractions. There is also a bus service for those who are travelling in groups, which allow guests to further their exploration and check out nearby areas close to Keystone. It is a good thing that there is a grocery store and a number of shops that are within close range.

Fast Facts

The city is basically a resort that is quite huge. Keystone is located just off Interstate 70, and is close to a local airport. Although more or less a city, Keystone does not have the usual shopping districts that most cities have. However, there are a number of shops that cater to equipment rentals for the winter months. That way, guests can get their gear whenever they need it.

Best Dining Spots

Keystone is packed with fantastic places to dine at. The Railhead Family Restaurant is a regular favorite, with families on vacation flocking to the restaurant for their excellent grub and wonderful atmosphere. The Fritz’s Alpine Bistro is also a favorite of many, while the Bighorn Steakhouse is a general favorite of the men who want the finest cuts of beef together with blue corn crab fritters and wild game. Fresh seafood is also available at the Bighorn Steakhouse, as well as some naturally slow roasted chicken and caramelized goat cheese. For those who want a smaller meal or two, guests can check out the Edgewater Café, which is located right along the shores of Keystone Lake.

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