Celebrate Your Silent Milestones

The milestones that are easy to track — like whether you’ve gotten a raise in pay or have lost weight or are wearing a ring on your finger — aren’t the only milestones worth celebrating.

You should also celebrate the things that aren’t as obvious, that are invisible to the eye. You should celebrate the fact that you’ve gone a few days without engaging with anyone toxic. That you’ve gone a few weeks without falling back into your bad habits. That you’ve gone a few months treating yourself with more kindness than in the past.

You should celebrate the fact that you’ve grown into a stronger person within the last few years. Your heart has reformed. Your personality has reshaped. You might not be able to see your progress, because it’s not something you can track the same way you can track the money in your bank account, but the results are hidden there.

Take a second to think about how far you’ve come. Not in terms of your career or your love life. As a living, breathing human being. Throughout these last few years, you’ve grown more mature. More responsible. More accountable. More aware of your own feelings. You’re turning into a slightly better person each and every day, even if you aren’t able to see that yet.

When you’re feeling down about how far behind you feel, about how much you’re struggling to reach your dreams, you have to remember the material items you own and the external accomplishments you can brag about online aren’t the only signs of success.

Your silent milestones matter, too. They’re worth celebrating, even if you’re celebrating on your own. You might not be able to brag about them on social media, but it doesn’t matter if anyone else recognizes how much you’ve grown. All that matters is that realize. That you see how much you’ve done. That you understand you aren’t a failure, you aren’t doing as poorly as you think, you aren’t actually a screwup.

You need to stop dwelling on your mistakes. You need to stop comparing yourself to others. You need to stop getting so angry with yourself for fumbling. You should be proud of your journey because you’ve gone further than you realize. You’re doing better than you’ve been telling yourself.

You should celebrate that you’ve been communicating your emotions to your loved ones instead of locking everything up inside. You should celebrate that you’re embracing your alone time and learning to enjoy your own company. You should celebrate that you’re becoming more and more comfortable with yourself.

You should celebrate that you complimented yourself when you looked in the mirror this morning instead of tearing yourself apart. You should celebrate that you went through the day without a pessimistic attitude, expecting the worst. You should celebrate that you’ve been thinking more positive thoughts about yourself, your worth, and the future you’re creating for yourself.

You should celebrate your silent milestones, because they matter more than you realize.


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