National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investing a Tesla crash that killed 2 people

(CNN)The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a crash involving a Tesla in California that left two people dead.

NHTSA, in an email Tuesday, said its special crash investigation program will do a crash scene and vehicle inspection of the Tesla Model S after the collision.
A spokesperson for Tesla and the LAPD, which is also investigating, couldn’t be reached on Wednesday.
    KTLA reported that police responded to the crash at Vermont Avenue and Artesia Boulevard around 12:45 a.m., according to LAPD Capt. Jon Pinto.
    The Tesla driver exited the westbound 91 Freeway at Artesia Boulevard at a high speed and failed to stop at a red light, the station reported. He collided with the Honda at the intersection as the Honda turned left onto Artesia Boulevard, authorities said.
      The 40 year-old driver of the Honda and his 39-year-old female passenger were pronounced dead at the scene, KTLA reported.
      The Tesla’s two occupants were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

      Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/01/us/tesla-fatal-crash-nhtsa/index.html

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