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You Can Earn Free Plays For A Chance To Win The Starbucks For Life Game

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Here’s How To Get Starbucks For Life Free Plays For A Shot At The Grand Prize

Winning Starbucks for life would be a dream come true, and now, you can score a chance to win it all without even having to make a purchase. Here’s how to get Starbucks For Life free plays to get in on the game without spending too much. With free chances to play, you can keep your wallet in check while increasing your chances of winning.

While the traditional way to play Starbucks For Life is to make purchases at Starbucks to earn game play entries, you can actually score up to two free plays a day. The official rules state you need to be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States to play. You also need to be a Starbucks Rewards member. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for free here.

If you haven’t played the game yet, you’ll get your first entry free, and to play, you can open the Starbucks App or go to the game website. Tap the Snow Globe on the homepage for your first free play. You’ll get an Instant Win or a game piece. When you collect three game pieces toward a prize, you will win the respective prize, like Starbucks for life or Starbucks for one year. To enter without making any purchases at Starbucks, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Starbucks For Life website.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find where it says “Starbucks Rewards.” Click the link underneath “Official Rules,” where the first line of fine print reads: “To enter without making a purchase, click here.” (You can also go straight to the free entry website.)
  3. Select “Daily Play” in the drop-down menu, and fill out the rest of your information.
  4. Click “Submit.”
  5. You’ll then get an email from Starbucks. Click the link in the email that reads, “Click here for your free game play.”
  6. It’ll take you back to the game, where you should see one play listed once you’ve logged in. Click the Snow Globe to redeem your free play and see if it’s an Instant Win or a game piece.

You can do this twice a day, so technically, you don’t need to make any purchases at Starbucks if you don’t want to.


If you decide to make purchases for game play entries, you can go into Starbucks and make a qualifying purchase (basically everything is game, except for alcoholic beverages and gift cards and reloads) with your registered Starbucks Card. Once you come back to the Starbucks For Life website and sign in, you’ll find a free game play. Both purchase-based and free plays are limited to a maximum of two per day.

If you win a prize, you’ll receive directions in an email to validate it, along with further information about redemption. The game will give five lucky winners Starbucks for life, which is 30 years of one free food or beverage item daily, starting on or around March 2, 2020. There are plenty of other prizes up for grabs, too, like a Playstation Now prize pack, two free movie tickets, and other Instant Wins, and Extra Play entries. The Starbucks For Life game will end on Jan. 6, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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