7 Things You Shouldnt Regret Doing In 2019

Now that 2019 is almost over, you might be looking back at your year, wishing you made different choices. But you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Some of your mistakes aren’t meant to be regretted. They taught you something valuable.

1. Don’t regret falling for an asshole. You might feel stupid for thinking they were going to treat you right. You might feel like you wasted valuable time chasing after them when you should’ve seen the signs earlier and ran. But there’s nothing wrong with falling for someone toxic — as long as you find the strength tofrom someone toxic.

2. Don’t regret staying at a job you hate. Even though you deserve to work somewhere that makes you feel fulfilled, sometimes you’re forced to work a job you hate because you need the money. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is tough it out until you have the means to change your situation. Sometimes you have to go through a rough time before you can follow your dreams and get a job that suits you much better than the last one.

3. Don’t regret taking some time for yourself. You’re not unproductive or lazy or irresponsible for taking a break. It’s important for you to take care of your mental and physical health. You don’t want to burn yourself out. You don’t want to exhaust yourself. If you spent a lot of 2019 trying to de-stress, that’s a good thing. It means you’ve been treating yourself as a priority.

4. Don’t regret sleeping with the wrong person. Even if sex means a lot to you, you have to understand letting the wrong person into your bed isn’t the worst thing in the world. It doesn’t mean you have poor judgement. It doesn’t mean you should feel ashamed. It’s hard to tell whether someone is going to be a permanent or temporary part of your world when you’re on the dating scene. It’s impossible to avoid kissing a few frogs.

5. Don’t regret cutting unhealthy people out of your life. You might miss them right now, but if they were treating you horribly, they didn’t deserve another second of your time. It’s going to be difficult to get used to life without them, but you can do it. You can thrive without them. You can do better on your own.

6. Don’t regret your vulnerability. You might wish you didn’t send a friend a depressed text at 2 AM. Or you might wish you didn’t tell your almost how you felt about them, only for them to abandon you. You might be embarrassed about letting others see you in such a vulnerable state, but it’s actually a good thing. It’s healthy to express your emotions. It’s healthy to get comfortable with how you feel.

7. Don’t regret your failures. You might feel embarrassed about failing — but you should be proud of yourself. It means you left your comfort zone. It means you took a chance on yourself. It means you took the hard route instead of playing it easy.


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