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Maternity dress shopping is like, hard. Not only are you coping with slowly and steadily getting much, much larger, but you’re also faced with trying to maintain your dignity and cuteness while doing so. Don’t @ me; I was almost seven months pregnant while writing this and I dealt with this sh*t everyday.

Sure, you can go the route of wearing some cute AF leggings every damn day, but, at some point (highly recommend Ingrid & Isabel’s full panel black leggings), your sweaty vagine is going to call the shots, and you’re gonna need a dress to air that sh*t out. Sorry, but it’s true. Here’s a roundup of adorable dresses that yes, are very maternity- or bump-friendly, but can also be worn AFTER the baby makes his/her appearance without anyone knowing that you’re still rocking a f*cking maternity because comfort is king.

1. Piper & Scoot The Parklan Embroidered Wrap Dress in Jade, $66

Bless you, Piper & Scoot, and your amazing empire waist dresses. This green number isn’t even maternity, but it works for anyone rocking a bump (or anyone whose eaten far more nachos than is acceptable) thanks to a flowy skirt and high-waist tie. It screams fall and winter vibes, and can be easily paired with a sweater and booties. It works from early pregnancy riiight through when you can’t fit through doors anymore.

2. ASOS DESIGN Maternity midi belted shirt dress in slub, $56

If you haven’t thought to look at ASOS for maternity, get on that sh*t. The beauty of many of the ASOS maternity dresses is that they don’t have shirring on the sides—you know, that stretchy elastic sh*t that INSTANTLY tells you a shirt or dress is meant for a growing belly, which is fine, but doesn’t work too long after the baby arrives. This black dress is a GD staple, and can be dressed up or down throughout your pregnancy. Plus, it’s nursing-friendly for after baby arrives, thanks to an open top. Yas, queens.

3. H&M Mama Shirt Dress, $34.99

Like ASOS, H&M, our fast-fashion go-to, has tons of easy, throw-on dresses that can double for hanging out and nesting in your house or like, going out into the world. This little red geometric number is flowy and cute, making it an easy wear for after baby and when you just can’t stomach the idea of wearing lounge pants one f*cking day longer.

4. Motherhood Maternity Jessica Simpson Striped Wide Leg Maternity Jumpsuit $69.98

Wanna be comfy and pregnant? Get a f*cking jumpsuit. I have LIVED in jumpsuits my entire pregnancy, and let me tell you, they’re f*cking worth their weight in gold. I can wear them before baby, after baby, in a box, with a fox, what-the-f*ck-ever. This navy striped sh*t from Motherhood is a super easy don’t-have-to-think-through-it outfit that works with heels as well as it works with the house slippers your husband hates.

5. HATCH Slouch Dress, $198

I’ll be the first to say it: HATCH is f*cking expensive. But LOOK at this sh*t. How comfy does this look? How much do you want to live in this cocoon of fabric? HATCH’s whole thing is that their dresses work before, during, and after baby. They’re flowy, comfortable, and can be dressed up or down. The slouch dress is one of HATCH’s best sellers, and for good reason. The company switches up the fabric and colors to coincide with seasons, so this sh*t looks just as good with tights and booties as it does with flip-flops. Plus, they just did a collab with JCrew, so you can keep your preppy aesthetic through your pregnancy if that’s your vibe.

No matter what your plans are for your pregnancy, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, shop around while looking at maternity dresses. Choosing dresses that don’t have shirring, have a defined waist, and a deep v-neck with accentuate your best features (see: your giant jugs) while juuust barely showing off your baby bump. Plus, they’ll do double duty and you’ll get your money’s worth after baby when you can keep wearing that sh*t even after your life is turned upside down. Hooray.

Images: Anna Pritchard / Unsplash; Piper & Scoot; ASOS; H&M; Motherhood Maternity; HATCH
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