To The Friends Who Stood By Us This Year

Thank you for loving us when we weren’t so lovable. Thank you for being patient with us as we grow, as we heal, as we try to put our pieces back together and mend what we broke in ourselves or what people broke in us. Thank you for making the difficult times this year so much easier to handle, so much easier to accept and so much easier to get through. Thank you for letting us be vulnerable and honest without judging us. Thank you for reassuring us that you’ll always be there when we need you and that we’ll always have another family to depend on when times get rough.

Thank you for being the light in our darkest days because that’s what we remember when we look back on the most difficult days of the year, we remember you, the people we’re grateful for, the people who took time out of their busy lives to be there for us, the people who chose to stick around or go the extra mile even though they had other priorities. Thank you for reminding us that if things go wrong, we still have the one thing that’s right; your love. Thank you for showing us that true friendship will always stand the test of time and that you’ll always show up for us when we need you.

Thank you for being the reason we leave this year with good memories and fun times and laughter. Thank you for always making our years memorable because you were in them, because when we look back, we will remember the trips we took together, the people we met, the memories we made, the new beginnings we shared and all the wonderful occasions we celebrated. Thank you for celebrating with us our successes, our milestones, our birthdays and our achievements. Thank you for supporting us along the way because without you, we wouldn’t be where we are. Without you, the good times would be tasteless.

Thank you for all the times you stopped this year from breaking us whether by your support or your presence or your advice. Thank you for looking out for us and letting us know that we have people to count on, people we can trust, people who can speak on our behalf when our own voices fail us. Thank you for helping us survive yet another year but most of all, thank you for being our friends all those past years and all the years to come because knowing you’re there, knowing you’re in our lives makes us start every new year feeling safe that no matter what happens, you’ll be there helping us get by. Thank you for being our ‘hell yes’ in a world of ‘maybes.’


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