How To Manifest With The New Moon

The new moon is all about manifestations coming to fruition. I also use it as a sort of a blank slate. Whereas the full moon is all about release and energy clearing, the new moon is about manifesting abundance. Here is a calendar of the moon cycles so you know when each one is occurring.

The full moon can be a chaotic time of change and chaos, and typically the new moon carries much more calm and relaxed energy. Changes and shifts can occur during this time as well, but usually, they are manifestations of whatever you cleared room for during the full moon.

To manifest with the new moon energy, during the full moon, I recommend writing down what it is that you want to manifest in the upcoming cycle. Manifestations will usually be set in stone by the following new moon. You are co-creating with the universe and the universe is more powerful than you are, so whatever will serve your highest good is essentially what you will be manifesting. You have some say in the matter but ultimately the universe knows where to send you. Your intuition can serve as a helpful guide.

As I mentioned, it is a co-creative process, so since you are leading and directing it, and you must be specific. Otherwise, the universe won’t know which direction you want to go in and you will go wherever there is a need or wherever makes sense energetically.

Make sure that you are practicing energy clearing in your home, in any spaces you inhabit regularly (such as your car or workplace), and within your own body to allow for more rapid manifestation. I would recommend smudging your home with sage regularly, especially during the full moon and new moon to clear energy, along with maintaining a clean diet to allow for manifestations to move through your energetic body.


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