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A Chilling Compilation of the Fires Currently Raging Across the Amazon

The following excerpt is from Brian Kahn’s article on Earther: What began as a “day of fire†a week and a half ago has now turned daytime skies in São Paulo an inky black. The Amazon has been in deep, deep trouble ever since far-right president Jair Bolsnaro took over running Brazil. Advocates feared his regime would commit ecological “genocide†in the Amazon and with each passing month, those fears are becoming reality.   Deforestation rates have spiked in recent months, and now large swaths of the world’s largest rainforest…

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This wildfire photo is a portrait of America in 2017

An amateur photographer in Oregon just captured what some might call a portrait of America’s current state. SEE ALSO: Summer 2017 feels like it’s on steroids – and it’s only going to get worse Kristi McCluer’s depiction of a bunch of men casually golfing while a wildfire raged behind them went viral after it was tweeted out by David Simon, creator of The Wire and The Deuce. He posted the photo to his 130,000 Twitter followers on Thursday, calling it “the money shot” of “visual metaphors for America today.”  In…

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