US regulator scraps net neutrality rules that protect open internet

Decision, which critics warn will hand control of the web to big cable companies, a major victory for FCC chair and Trump appointee Ajit Pai The USs top media regulator voted to end rules protecting an open internet on Thursday, a move critics warn will hand control of the future of the web to cable and telecoms companies. At a packed meeting of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington, the watchdogs commissioners voted three to two to dismantle the net neutrality rules that prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from…

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Odds and Ends 

Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey

Wikipedia, the online user-generatedencyclopedia, has been blocked by the Turkish government. News of the blockage was first reported by the website Turkey Blocks, at around 1AM Eastern this morning. Confirmed: All editions of the #Wikipedia online encyclopedia blocked in #Turkey as of 8:00AM local timehttps://t.co/ybFolRmsOs pic.twitter.com/hI9tn4bHe5 Turkey Blocks (@TurkeyBlocks) April 29, 2017 The website, which was set up to monitor what online properties are blocked by the Turkish government, reported that the blockage was approved by the Ankara first criminal court. Update: Court order for #Wikipedia block approved by Ankara…

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